The scientific theory of ObamaCare

obamaThe Republican fight against ObamaCare has been exemplary only of two things: fallacious reasoning and dogmatic prejudice.

We get it, the Republican Party is conservative and unyielding to breaking with tradition, but if tradition includes hindering effective and much-needed progress and change, then they are interfering with the possibility of rational discussion. ObamaCare, to Republicans, is a new idea, and to a republic party that is grounded in tradition and a definite, preserved doctrine, “new ideas are heresies” (Popper, 1958).

The new healthcare program, established under the Obama administration, will give all citizens (without current health insurance) the chance to attain affordable coverage. Around the world, affordable healthcare is nothing new. Countries such as Japan, France and Sweden have exemplified beneficial and functional health care programs that allow citizens the chance to receive the medical aid they require without going into debt. France has had a state operated and planned healthcare system since 1945, and it is considered the best in the world. Why is America so late in the game? Because many Americans, namely the Republican Party, fear speculative theories and rely on tradition and deeply imbedded doctrines instead of risking the ramifications of a false theory.

ObamaCare, is at this time, a speculative theory; one that does not guarantee the success of its implementation, however, is made to be tested in order to discover that truth. Part of ObamaCare’s success, already, is that it has created a space for criticism and discussion, which would thus lead to its being tested in order to settle disputes. This is how scientific theories behave, as processes. We could say that the Republican Party’s mistake is that it is treating ObamaCare as a single unified thing; one that already has ’failure’ as its absolute outcome and defining property. What they fail to understand, however is that our attempts at attaining truth “are not final but open to improvement” (Popper, 1958). The rationalist tradition is defined by basing our knowledge on conjectures and hypotheses until we find better theories. It is a constant process of improving our knowledge and expanding our rational inquiry. When Republican Senator Ted Cruz says that “ObamaCare is destroying jobs. It is driving up health care costs. It is killing health benefits. It is shattering the economy”, he is making hasty generalisations and appeals to ignorance. Ignoring the theory to be played out and for proof to be exemplified makes his argument sound like a prejudicial attack against a reform he just does not like.

Regardless of whether ObamaCare succeeds or fails, the result of the implementation of this theory is a step closer to truth; that is, a step closer to finding the right kind of healthcare system for America. Rejecting the trial of ObamaCare would be analogous to rejecting the theory that the earth may not be flat. Just as the spherical shape of the earth was initially just a reasonable theory, so is ObamaCare. It needs to be tested before a conclusion can be formed.


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